From the Desk of Rini Realtor – Property Tax Reminder

Hope you and yours are doing well!

Wanted to keep you updated on the market … In some markets in the Bay Area growth has been extremely aggressive, in some cases as much as 10% or more in the month of March. My listing at 3761 Jamestown Rd, Fremont  received 9 offers and is selling for a new record price in the neighborhood. I look forward to sharing more details with you once it closes next week!

And I will soon be bringing to the market my new listing … a very elegant home, minutes to Dumbarton, and with the much needed bed and bath downstairs! Stay tuned for more details and please feel free to call me if you or someone you know is actively looking …

For my buyers too this has been a challenging market … and one of my clients recently beat 15 offers to win the house!!! … As I’ve shared with you before this isn’t an easy market for buyers, yet, given that interest rates are supposed to increase a couple of times this year, I am happy for my clients … And if there’s anyone you know who needs a realtor who will go the extra mile for them please introduce me to them 🙂

Last but not least, this is Property Tax time and it will be past due after tomorrowApril 10th …

Have a great weekend!

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PS: I am actively interviewing with potential clients for the Spring-Summer months – so please let me know if there’s someone I can help – Thank you!


From the Desk of Rini Realtor – January 2018


Happy new Year 🙂 Hope the new year is treating you well!
The market has been truly interesting … inventory is very low and there is tremendous amount of activity from buyers … It is a great time to be a seller!
Even for buyers it is probably a good time to buy before interest rates hike up any further, and it is expected to in the coming months …
A note to all considering Solar Leases … If you plan to stay long term in your current home it’s probably a great idea. But two of my transactions this last year had speed bumps because buyers still have concerns regarding taking on something that is conceptually relatively new. I also faced a recent incident of East coast investors having a hard time approving the lease terms … and this despite Tesla/Solar City being as cooperative as possible.
As we start the new year I’d like this opportunity to thank you for your support always! Like in any other field, my work has it’s challenges, but it’s the people I serve that make all of it worth it – Thank you!
Lastly – this will be a special year 🙂 … when I started working in real estate mid 2011, I had this very ambitious goal of helping 100 families in 5 years … it’s more than 5 years now but I am still looking forward to that Happy Hundred … I’m at 82 and counting, so please let me know who you think I can help next!
Thank you!
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From the Desk of Rini Realtor – September 2017

Hope you all are doing well …
Wanted to keep you updated regarding the real estate market here in the Bay Area … As you might have heard, all over the Bay Area inventory is historically low … Recently a house in Sunnyvale sold for close to $800,000 over asking and here’s some more on that story Of course real estate is hyper local and different areas, neighborhoods, have their own dynamics …
In some ways it is a challenging time for buyers with the limited inventory … but since interest rates are still historically low, this is a good time to get off the fence and get started … in fact the market shows consistent growth year-to-year so prices and interest rates will probably inch up higher next year affecting the purchasing power of some buyers .. Here’s some graphs to show the limited inventory and consistent increase in prices in the different counties …
Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 3.17.03 PM


..For anyone looking for dedicated real estate service and proven results, I am here to help 🙂



From the Desk of Rini Realtor – August 2017

I hope you are doing well!
Wanted to take a minute to thank you for your support and encouragement  … I’m starting my 7th year in real estate, and having helped with 80 home purchases and sales so far in these past 6 years, I truly feel grateful for your support, and trust in me!
On the real estate side the market is doing well … since the the jobs report was strong, the housing market is expected to continue to do well in the near future … Last month was a slightly slow month all across the Bay Area in terms of sales and rentals … the industry-wide analysis is that travel patterns of Bay Area residents have changed over the years and more folks are now choosing to travel overseas for longer periods in July-August … For buyers it seems to be a good time to hit the market … and for sellers this August-October stretch should see a strong market …
I’m writing to you from Vegas today, attending a real estate conference with the Nation’s Top Realtors … so if you know someone looking to relocate or thinking of buying an investment property in a different state please let me know and I’d be happy to connect them to someone in my network …
Also wanted to share with you about a few programs that are helping/encouraging households become more energy efficient …
Rising Sun Energy is a PGE backed non profit that helps households become more energy efficient … Rising Sun interns changed light bulbs to LED ones in my house and had some great advice …
OhmConnect helps you track your usage and comes up with suggestions to lower usage and you actually get paid through your Paypal account as you save energy …
And in case you have an Electric Car I hope you signed up for the $500 PGE credit? Woohoo!
Lastly, I hope to help 10 more people achieve their real estate goals by the end of this year! Do you know anyone thinking of moving? Who do you think I can help? Your referral is my highest compliment and I promise to always go the extra mile for you and your friends 🙂
Best regards,

From the Desk of Rini Realtor – April

Hope you all are doing well!
Just wanted to keep you updated on the Bay Area real estate market … inventory seems to have slightly improved, so for buyers wondering when the nice move-in-ready houses will hit the market it’s a good time to get started with the search … Talking about nice, move-in-ready houses, I have a couple of listings coming up in Fremont and in San Jose, Evergreen so if you have any one looking in these or other Bay Area markets please go ahead and introduce us … If this is the right house for them great, otherwise I will find them one 🙂 As you know, I love serving Sellers and Buyers trying to navigate the market, and my team and I are here to help!
This first quarter of the year, which is usually a slower one in general was a super busy one personally with 2 Closings and 4 Homes Pending, which goes to show that it is a robust market … of course none of us have crystal balls and cannot foresee what the market will be like in the next few years …  As Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said recently: “The simple message is the economy is doing well.”
And here’s a friendly reminder, Property Taxes are due by this Monday April 10th
Lastly if you bought a home this year please consider getting your taxes done professionally to see what you can deduct – your final HUD statement may have information that can be handy for you – please let me know if you need a copy …
Here to help you and yours 🙂 Thank you for your support, encouragement, and referrals always!
Best regards,

From the Desk of Rini Realtor … buying/selling/investing … and estate planning

Hope you all are doing well!

Now that Super Bowl is over, the Bay Area real estate market is ready to get started!!!
Just came back from an event in Palm Springs with 700 other top-producing realtors from all over the US ,Canada, and across the world … It was good to learn about best practices and take a few moments to think about what excites me … For me that would be meeting people 🙂 …
Wanted to give you a brief update on the market …. Jobs report came out strong and the stock market is doing well too, so interest rates are expected to have further hikes later this year … If you or anyone you know has been sitting on the fence thinking of buying, now is the time to start your search … Please let me know if you’d like to talk to one of my lending partners to find out more … Inventory is still very tight (so now is still a great time to be a seller) and most houses are getting multiple offers if priced right … Last week two of my clients’ offers got accepted, both were multiple offer situations and required some amount of turning cartwheels ( by yours truly) to get offers accepted …. Super happy for my clients!!
Lastly, one of my lawyer contacts, Simona Zakheim, is organizing a free seminar for parents with minor children. The seminar will cover financial issues affecting parents, how to pay for children’s college education and plan your estate for their financial future. This will be held on March 8th, 2017  6:30pm-8pm  – Whether your child is 16 days or 16years old I highly recommend that you consider attending the seminar and finding out more … For more details please message me at or call me at (408) 836-2383 for more information.
Here’s to our mutual growth and well-being!
Best regards,

Happy New Year!

Hope the new year is treating you well!
Wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support always! 70% of my business is by referral and I truly appreciate you helping me grow my business … It is now a year since I moved to Coldwell Banker Palo Alto office … it’s been a very positive experience and I’m enjoying growing my clientele in the Peninsula as well as serving those in the Fremont-San Jose belt.
On the mortgage side, loan limits have increased a bit and for FHA Buyers ( buyers looking to buy with 3.5% or more downpayment) the private mortgage insurance has reduced significantly!! This will surely bring in more buyers into the market and may also push up prices a little bit in the entry level market … And although interest rates are expected to rise multiple times this year, it will still remain historically low …
Housing inventory all over the Bay Area is very limited right now and it’s a good time to start planning if you’d like to list or buy this coming year … My Team and I look forward to helping your house look it’s shiny best so that buyers fall in love with it, and we will market and negotiate to get you multiple offers and top dollars!!! And for our Buyers, we will not rest till we get you the best 🙂
I look forward to catching up with you sometime soon!
Best regards,