From the Desk of Rini Realtor – January 2018


Happy new Year 🙂 Hope the new year is treating you well!
The market has been truly interesting … inventory is very low and there is tremendous amount of activity from buyers … It is a great time to be a seller!
Even for buyers it is probably a good time to buy before interest rates hike up any further, and it is expected to in the coming months …
A note to all considering Solar Leases … If you plan to stay long term in your current home it’s probably a great idea. But two of my transactions this last year had speed bumps because buyers still have concerns regarding taking on something that is conceptually relatively new. I also faced a recent incident of East coast investors having a hard time approving the lease terms … and this despite Tesla/Solar City being as cooperative as possible.
As we start the new year I’d like this opportunity to thank you for your support always! Like in any other field, my work has it’s challenges, but it’s the people I serve that make all of it worth it – Thank you!
Lastly – this will be a special year 🙂 … when I started working in real estate mid 2011, I had this very ambitious goal of helping 100 families in 5 years … it’s more than 5 years now but I am still looking forward to that Happy Hundred … I’m at 82 and counting, so please let me know who you think I can help next!
Thank you!
Best regards,