From the Desk of Rini Realtor – August 2017

I hope you are doing well!
Wanted to take a minute to thank you for your support and encouragement  … I’m starting my 7th year in real estate, and having helped with 80 home purchases and sales so far in these past 6 years, I truly feel grateful for your support, and trust in me!
On the real estate side the market is doing well … since the the jobs report was strong, the housing market is expected to continue to do well in the near future … Last month was a slightly slow month all across the Bay Area in terms of sales and rentals … the industry-wide analysis is that travel patterns of Bay Area residents have changed over the years and more folks are now choosing to travel overseas for longer periods in July-August … For buyers it seems to be a good time to hit the market … and for sellers this August-October stretch should see a strong market …
I’m writing to you from Vegas today, attending a real estate conference with the Nation’s Top Realtors … so if you know someone looking to relocate or thinking of buying an investment property in a different state please let me know and I’d be happy to connect them to someone in my network …
Also wanted to share with you about a few programs that are helping/encouraging households become more energy efficient …
Rising Sun Energy is a PGE backed non profit that helps households become more energy efficient … Rising Sun interns changed light bulbs to LED ones in my house and had some great advice …
OhmConnect helps you track your usage and comes up with suggestions to lower usage and you actually get paid through your Paypal account as you save energy …
And in case you have an Electric Car I hope you signed up for the $500 PGE credit? Woohoo!
Lastly, I hope to help 10 more people achieve their real estate goals by the end of this year! Do you know anyone thinking of moving? Who do you think I can help? Your referral is my highest compliment and I promise to always go the extra mile for you and your friends 🙂
Best regards,

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