As we played so we work …

It’s funny how Lego was so much a part of my childhood that at times I wonder if it’s making Lego houses all my childhood and placing the little Lego people in them that in some way was priming me towards my career in real estate … of course I’m not really  building the house anymore but it’s rather intense and touching to be part of that exciting and often arduous journey to build a nest, and helping people belong, and giving them keys to their new home … their own space to personalize in whichever way they wanted … Paint each wall a different color, or Navajo White like me 🙂

Perhaps I never realized people’s need to own as much as I did that one time when all my clients wanted to do every time we visited houses together was to break everything down and build their own … Like a Mother Hen I tried to remind them that it might be a lot of work and I would not recommend them buying something that needed work … They were first time home buyers and I gently but repeatedly cautioned against breaking down a whole kitchen and rebuilding … Till I realized that they had been renting for all their adult lives and really and truly wanted to break some walls 😛

She was always the one with the creative plans … and he the happy implementer. He was a karate instructor too, so guess what, within a day or so of getting keys to their house I was sent a picture of the living room wall broken down to make the living and family area one Great Room … he literally took off the wood panels with his bare hands and couldn’t wait to send me a picture of his handiwork – There was so much joy in that one picture that all the struggles and challenges of finding them that home was forgotten … And I wished them a “happily ever after” …


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