My “Real” in Real Estate …

When I first started in real estate the goal was to help 100 families in my first five years … I’m now close to the 5 year mark and am no way near :)) … It was a big and hairy goal as goals should be and having helped 55+ families in these five years I have made innumerable beautiful memories and realized along the way that every person I have helped was a wonderful gift – their struggles helped me keep things in perspective, their friendship enriched my life through the years despite personal challenges, and their encouragement and joy helped me take the next step forward on days that were darker than usual …

This is my endeavor to share the memories that live with me, and the places that excite me … They aren’t in any chronological order although I will try to rack my brain to pull out moments I treasure every now and then … You are welcome to laugh with me and share my blog! Thank you …


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